Rev. Dr. Daniel Corrie Shull is the Senior Pastor of the Burnett Avenue Baptist Church in Louisville, Kentucky- a congregation committed to creating compelling environments in which people are developed into totally committed Disciples of Christ. Under his leadership, the congregation has experienced tremendous growth through the addition of hundreds of families into church membership, creating relevant ministries, implementing Twenty-First century technology and embracing new and dynamic ways of engaging ministry for the purposes of life transformation.

In 2013, Pastor Shull led the Burnett Avenue congregation to purchase and renovate a new church campus which currently facilitates four weekend worship services and a myriad of church and community activities. In addition to preaching four times per weekend and providing leadership to a thriving congregation, he serves on a number of Boards for community organizations and institutions of higher education, mentors youth and is the author of a book, Detours to Greatness. A proponent of education, Dr. Shull holds degrees from Fisk University, Louisville Presbyterian Theological Seminary and Colgate Rochester Crozer Divinity School and works as an adjunct professor for Louisville area colleges.

He is the Proud father of Daniel Harrison and Zoe Elizabeth.  

  • There may be death in your pot, but God can neutralize what is in it to keep it from killing you! #TheNet
  • Life has to get in the pot with death. When this happens life will always win. #TheNet
  • To keep it from killing you, you have to practice radical agility. #TheNet
  • When death is in your pot, know that you have someone you can call on, Jesus. #TheNet
  • Be selective with whom you direct your concerns. #TheNet
  • To keep it from killing you, practice radical acuity. #TheNet
  • You have to acknowledge it, because we can fix what we don’t face. #TheNet
  • To keep it from killing you, practice radical acknowledgment. #TheNet
  • You are not require to consume everything offered to you. #TheNet
  • In the scripture we see that once the men tasted what was in the pot, they determined that they wouldn’t allow it to kill them. #TheNet